Pagan Organizations

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Academy of Arcana

Contact person: Anne Duthers, Chair, MGZ Memorial Foundation
Location: 428-A Front St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Currently in development, this will be a large storefront housing the Grey School Educational Center, a Museum of Magick and Goddesses, and a Library of Esoterica. The largest area will be “The Goddess Curiosa,” a non-denominational Goddess Temple and meeting/workshop/class space, exhibiting over 350 Goddess votive figurines from the Morning Glory Zell Memorial legacy collection. The reading and research Library, “The Illuminarium,” will contain thousands of books, DVDs, Pagan publications and archives. The “Museum of Mysterie” will feature the Zell collections of magickal and mundane artifacts. And in front will be a store (“Curiosities”) selling magickal books, figurines, jewelry, music and crafts made by various Pagan artists, authors, and musicians.

Adocentyn Research Library

Contact Person: Anna Korn
Location: Albany, CA (just North of Berkeley)

A Pagan Library for the San Francisco Bay Area. We are a non-profit private Pagan library open to the public for on-site use; resources for Pagan Studies–Pagans studying Paganism and non-Pagans studying Pagans. Currently open for cataloging days on the Second Sunday, Third Thursday, and Fourth Friday of each month, unless a major holiday conflicts with the cataloging. We are seeking detail-oriented, book-loving volunteers to help in  the cataloging effort. All you need is some good will, free time, and a Wi-Fi enabled laptop. We can teach you the basics of cataloging using Library Thing.  As of January 2016, we have over 8,000 books catalogued. You can  see the catalog on our website.

We need donations of books, Pagan newsletters and ephemera, and financial support.

CAYA Coven (Come As You Are Coven)

Caya Coven
Contact person: Yeshe Rabbit Matthews, Presiding High Priestess
Phone: 510-444-9355
Location: East Bay (The Sacred Well, 536 Grand Ave, Oakland, CA 94610)

Come As You Are (CAYA) Coven is an eclectic, open, drop-in matriarchal Pagan community in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our mission is to create safe, loving, magickal space for all those who wish to participate in our community rituals, public service initiatives, and social events. Open to all.

Church of All Worlds

Contact person: Oberon Zell, Primate
Location: 428-A Front St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060
World’s oldest Pagan Church. Incorporated March 4, 1968; 501(c)(3) June 18, 1970. Originally inspired by sci-fi novel, Stranger in a Strange Land, by R.A. Heinlein (1961). First to identify as “Pagan.” Originator of Gaea Thesis. Publisher of Green Egg magazine (1968-present).

Circle of Cerridwen

Contact person: Rev. Gina Pond
Location: San Jose
Thee Circle of Cerridwen is a radically inclusive, Alexandrian-ish type coven located in the South San Francisco Bay Area.  For more information, please see our website.

Coven Daoine Sidhe

Contact person: Lady Argante, HPs
Location: Oakland
We are one of the oldest Gardnerian covens in the Bay Area, founded in 1987.

Covenant of the Goddess (CoG), Northern CA Local Council

Location: Greater Bay Area, including Santa Cruz
Covenant of the Goddess (CoG) was founded in the Berkeley-Oakland area, and was incorporated at Samhain 1975. CoG includes covens and individual members of many Craft traditions, organized in 12 Local Councils across North America. We are a national organization of Witches, founded in California in 1975 as a non-profit 501(c)3 religious corporation, making us one of the oldest and most diverse Witches’ organizations. We offer legally recognized clergy credentials to qualified members, and form a network of support and information for Witches. CoG has been representing the Craft in interfaith work for nearly 40 years. COG is open to all traditions, and to both covens and solitaries willing and able to cooperate with others.

Fellowship of Druidism for the Latter Age (FoDLA), Grove of the Bay

Contact person: Joel Schonbrunn
Phone: 408-693-5713
Location: Fremont

FoDLA is a fellowship of American polytheistic Pagans following the path of Draíocht Nua or Neo-Druidism. Our group is comprised of Neopagans who seek to follow the central spiritual values of traditional pre-Christian Celtic societies, best exemplified by the figure of the ancient Druid. These include, most particularly: A commitment to study, to honor the past and the path that has shaped us; A commitment to piety, to honor the gods and spirits that guide us; A commitment to hospitality, to honor the community and the Land it shares. Within this simple framework of shared values, FoDLA does not engage in passing judgment on matters of metaphysics. How each member of the fellowship conceives of the deities, the Otherworlds, and indeed the ultimate nature of the Cosmos, is a matter for the individual alone–guided by the commitment to study–and FoDLA advocates for tolerance of diverse beliefs within a bond of shared values and a set of basic worship practices.

The Grove is committed to holding public rituals in the Greater SF Bay region, including 1st Quarter Moon rituals, and the 4 “Fire Festivals” known by many names and spellings as Imbolc, Beltaine, Lughnasadh, and Samhain.  The Spring and Fall Equinox as well as the Summer and Winter Solstices are also celebrated with open public ritual.

Grey School of Wizardry

grey school of wizardry
Contact person: Oberon Zell, Headmaster

Location: 428-A Front St., Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Online School of Wizardry & Magick. Incorporated March 14, 2004; 501(c)(3) March 14, 2005. Virtual campus in 2nd Life. 26 faculty members; 400 students ages 11-85 in 50 countries; more than 450 classes in 16 Departments. 7-level Apprentice program; graduates receive Journeyman Letter. Journeyman program in development.

Kemetic Reconstructionist Temple of Sacramento
Contact person: Lisa
Phone: 408-322-4938

Kemetic Reconstructionist Temple of San Jose
Contact person: HiC (pronounced Hi-Cee)
Phone: 650-283-4939

Kemetic Reconstructionist Temple of Ra, San Francisco
Contact person: Richard Reidy
Phone: 415-385-9623

New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn (NROOGD)
Contact persons: Rachel Watcher,; Gregory Harder,

The New Reformed Orthodox Order of the Golden Dawn (NROOGD) is a Witches’ tradition originating in 1968 in the Bay Area. We have celebrated over 45 years of open Sabbats throughout the Greater Bay Area.

Quercus Seed Group

We are a Seed Group of the Order of the Bards, Ovates and Druids (OBOD.We meet the second Sunday of a month to celebrate the eight Festivals of the year and spend time together.  Our meetings take place under the California Redwoods, on the Pacific beaches and up in the mountains all around.  The vision is to bring together those deeply connected, in mind, body and spirit, to Nature and in support and love for each other and Nature.

Sisterhood of the Moon
Contact person: Lady Jesamyn Angelica
Location: Hayward, CA (East Bay)

Sisterhood of the Moon is a Goddess-only community and circle of Sister-Queens meeting monthly for lunar-based ritual and other cosmic rites, devoted to empowering women and honoring the Goddess within and without. Although we remain primarily a women-only community, we are pleased to announce that a new ritual circle, open to all genders, begins at the Spring Equinox 2016 and our new all-gender children’s circle begins at Beltane 2016. Please see our Schedule page and/or contact us for more information.

The Goddess Grove

Contact person: Hextilda Lemon
Location: Placerville

We are a 10 acre “Sacred Space” in Placerville. We are putting into practice Sacred Geometry, Biodynamic Farming, and doing earth friendly things in general.

The Order of the Sacred Grove
Contact People: Lady Mau or Lord Shade
Email:, alternatively
Location: Berkeley, Walnut Creek

We’re of the old religion, sired of Time, and born of our beloved Earth Mother.  For too long the people have trodden a stony path that goes only onward beneath a sky that goes only upwards.  The Horned God plays in a lonely glad for the people are scatted in this barren age and the winds carry his plaintive notes over deserted heaths and  reedy moors and into the lonely grasses.  Who knows now the ancient tongue of the Moon?  And who speaks still with the Goddess?



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