We welcome all groups and solitary practioners of Paganism. This is just the beginning of our joining together to support each other and to make a stronger more resilient community. This umbrella group plans to facilitate communication, and provide resources and information for all of us to use.

This website is for all of us to use to connect with each other, a place for us to build our Community. We expect to have regular meetings, an event calendar discussions, and informational pages of all sorts. By this means new people to the area and solitaries can connect up with the wider community.

Who are we? We are a diverse group of pagans and polytheists in the Bay Area and Northern California. There is, of course, a great deal of diversity of definitions for who we are, but in general most people know that pagan means “of the country” and many of us practice reconstructions of the Old Ways before Christianity. But we also include people working with combinations of old and new practices.

Alan Watts defined a religion as being made up of three parts – 1. belief, 2. practice and 3. community. As people of many practices and beliefs, what we have in common is our community of tolerance and acceptance. We encompass a wide variety of life style.

Please send us your ideas, and help us build a useful tool: webmaster@allpagans.net